Rat Playstation

The crew has been getting seriously bored, so they’ve been getting into trouble.  Time for something new.  There is much bruxing.

The hammock is the first thing in place. (Old bibs are great for this purpose). Chas checks it out.
Chas says “this is alright.”
Oliver checks out the hammock.
Agnes finds a pocket. Bonus!
Agnes says “okay, let’s see what else you have to offer.”
Gytha climbs the hoodie.
Gytha checks out the higher levels.
The new playstation.

12 thoughts on “Rat Playstation

  1. Thanks! They’ll chew holes in the bibs so they can access them from underneath, but leave them alone otherwise. The boxes have to be changed out every one to two weeks. The rest of the stuff they have already customised to their satisfaction. They like sleeping in hanging shirts, bags and hoodies – all the ones on the playstation have been in use for some time.

  2. You know what they really need? One of those over-the-door shoe holders—All Pockets, All The Time!!!

  3. They would love that – I’ll check Big Lots this week. :D The whole ‘sleeping in mum’s hoodies, shirts and bags’ business started with an over the door hanger. Artemis and Amelia figured out how to grab onto one of my hoodies and climb up into a wonderland of hanging stuff. Naturally, they also taught the others and went on a chewing spree.

  4. Way cool! Your rats are very lucky to live with talented, creative, and inventive people.

  5. Thank you! The playstation continues to be a hit. I think they like having spots on opposite sides of the studio. Every night, they split up, roughly in half, half in the condos, half in the playstation.

  6. :D Oh, such potential! We have to go into town today and I need to stop into Big Lots anyway, so I’ll be sure to check. They always have a ton of that sort of stuff, over the door hangers, shoe holders, under the bed storage, etc.

  7. Thank you very much! They are spoiled, that much is sure. Let’s see if I can remember them all: Amelia, Agnes, Angua, Perdita, Mallory, Gytha, Magrat, Artemis, Rubin, Zoe, Beatrice and Pearl are the girls and the boys are Chester, Theo, Oliver, Vasco, Giles, Chas II, Merlin, Neville, Dexter, Basil, Percival, Havelock and Sam.

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