6 thoughts on “Zoe, Zoe, Zoe

  1. Thank you, Cicely. We were worried for a while, that her recovery was just a fluke and the megacolon would reappear with a vengeance, but she continues to do well. She’s 5 months old now, so I think she’s permanently out of the woods. :)

  2. From the pictures I gather, she’s smaller than others. Does that cause her any problems?

  3. No, not at all. Most of the girls from Rubin’s litter are on the small side, it was a litter of 15. Zoe and her sibling Carrot were born with Genetic aganglionic megacolon, which is often a death sentence. There is a special diet, medications and actions which can help (routine enemas, etc.), which we started to do. Unfortunately, Carrot died at 64 days from the megacolon, but Zoe had a complete turn-around. Our vet checked her colon when we took her in for spaying, and it’s completely normal now.

    Zoe may be small, but she’s a wonderful little girl. She’s smart, faster than all hells, an outstanding climber and a ferocious fighter. She’s quite the package.

  4. I’m so happy to hear that Zoe is doing so well. Also that Merlin is recovering from his wound.

    A long time ago I came home to blood on a counter where my two cats must have had a spat. Both denied all involvement when asked–and neither had an apparent wound.

  5. There’s nothing quite as awful as mystery blood, especially when there’s a lot of it. Apparently, rat tails bleed like no one’s business, looks like a massacre has taken place.

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