Not the best way

to start the morning.  Got an early start today, because I really had to clean up the studio.  There was a large pool of dried blood on the floor by one of the condos.  More blood, all over the…bloody place! On every shelf of both condos and pools of it in the bathroom.  I kept expecting to find someone dead.  Turns out it was Merlin, he has one massive bite to his tail.  Poor boy.  Rick helped me get his tail somewhat cleaned up, there’s an enormous amount of dried, crusted blood on his tail. We did get a good soap on it (leftover from my surgery last year), so hopefully there won’t be any infection.  I do have antibiotics in the house, I’ll give him a dose later on today, he’s recovering from the cleaning right now.  He was so sweet, I had him wrapped in a towel while Rick worked on washing his tail and he was boggling. 

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