8 thoughts on “Spaghetti Monster

  1. Hi Caine,

    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a good one.

    Also Vasco looks beautiful, as usual. :D :D :D

  2. Thank you so much! The birthday was fine, nice and relaxing. I hope you’re doing okay and not overly busy with the holidays and all.

    Vasco always looks beautiful, he’s such a cutie pie. :D

  3. Thank you. :) I have 24 of them right now, thanks to some bad timing on my part in getting Esme & Rubin spayed. Love them all to pieces. :D

  4. Those hands, those hands, they look so much like human hands.

    I like your photos a lot, you’re great at catching (or setting) phogenic situations and taking beatiful photos of them.

  5. Yes, they do. Rat hands are remarkable and if they ever develop thumbs, we’re going to be in trouble. :D

    Thank you. :) Rats are naturally photogenic, it’s just a matter of being quick with the camera. They do most of the work.

  6. I’m glad your birthday was such a good one, Caine

    I have been trapped in an undying cycle of migraines for the last three weeks, but I am now *hopefully* out of it. Thanksgiving was blissfully quiet for us, just the way we like. We had lots of quality time with each other and Chloe (who was very pleased to have us both home for an entire week). Chloe purred her satisfaction often and sometimes loudly.

  7. Oh gods, I’ve had those, all my sympathies. I hope you’re clear of it now. I’m glad the holiday was quiet for you and that Chloe was such a happy girl. :)

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