for the near future*, my last nerve has been stomped on and chewed through.

*In reality land, probably a day or two or until I don’t want to kill them anymore.


5 thoughts on “Imprisoned

  1. *hugs*

    Are they not able to chew their way through that mesh? I ask ’cause we’ve had squirrels gnaw a hole in an aluminum vent cover in their mad enthusiasm for eating our house; if the mesh prevents rats, just maybe it could be squirrel-proof? Hopehopehope….

  2. They ate two art pieces (thankfully not pieces for clients), pulled down all their climbing baskets, ate a couple pieces of clothing and chewed out all the magnets in the shower curtain liner.

    Cicely, thank you. :) I’m afraid that if they really wanted to, yes, they could chew through the screen cloth. It simply hasn’t occurred to them. That, and they know they are being punished, so they sit in there and sulk like spoiled rotten little monsters.

  3. No, no…she’s just the primary instigator. She’s the one who discovered the shower curtain liner magnets.

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