Random Rattiness

Gytha, Mallory, Percival & Angua show up for Nutella.
Amelia & Agnes getting chocolate soy milk.
Artemis & Gytha moving the remains of a popcorn bag.
Basil & Giles getting Nutella.
Chas munching peas.
Giles seeing if there’s anything interesting in the trash.
Gytha getting a drink.
Magrat, bathing in the condo.
Merlin, getting his share of the Nutella.
Percival up for drinks.
Rubin, munching peas.
Theo up for drinks.
Vasco, rearranging stuff in the Martin’s.
Zoe, showing up for Nutella.

4 thoughts on “Random Rattiness

  1. It’s been so fun to watch their coat colors change over time. Rubin looks like she has become much more gray, and Giles is almost fox colored.

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