The Chocolate Milk Calculation

Anything to get chocolate milk, a most serious treasure, oh my yes.  Havelock happily used the close proximity of my tea cup to get to the chocolate milk.


9 thoughts on “The Chocolate Milk Calculation

  1. It almost looks as if he deliberately posed for you, but it’s *chocolate*. My husband would agree with his priorities. :D

  2. Hi Caine! I don’t really have anything to say, but I am so thrilled to have figured why your site wouldn’t let me comment, that I must comment. Just enjoying the virtual rats. Yay, rat pictures.

  3. Hekuni Cat, they will do *anything* to get to the chocolate milk. Anything. Havelock just got a rather large piece of Green & Black’s Maya Gold – ate it sitting on Rick’s shoulder. Privileged little dude.

    Hi Tethys! What was the problem with commenting? Thank you!

  4. It was user error. When I tried to log-in it told me I was already logged in. It works fine if I log in properly. Havelock has great taste in chocolate.

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