Zoe is our other rat who was born with Genetic aganglionic megacolon. In her case, there was a close to miraculous turn around.  After the initial symptom onset, the massive bloat and blockage, we took her in to see our incredible vet, Dr. Angie Bettenhausen (who we cannot praise enough), who got her all cleaned out.  We then placed her (and everyone else) on a low residue diet.  The change has been nothing short of amazing.  Zoe is now back on a regular diet and handling it just fine.  When Zoe was in to be spayed, our vet took a look at her colon prior to surgery and said it looks great – perfectly normal.

2 thoughts on “Zoe!

  1. Not that I’m biased, but I think Zoe is just about the cutest rat you have. And I’m SO happy she is doing well.

  2. :D She is terribly cute. Besides Chas, she’s the only blaze left among the ratlets. Zoe had a twin, Kaylee, who died very young from a fall and now with Carrot gone, she’s the only blaze left in Rubin’s crew.

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