Superheroes and Other Invaders

I finally got the other rat condo in the studio.  It’s so nice having them all in one space again and having all the girls spayed.  *Whew*  They had a fine time playing last night, so I got a few shots.

Chester and Vasco in their Superhero box. I gotta find more of those – they *adore* the two they have.
Agnes goes after the bag balm on my desk.
Amelia helps herself to tea.
Artemis, seeing what’s happening on my desk.
Giles takes his turn in the Superhero box.
Magrat: “Excuse me, waitress! This dish needs cleaning, then filled with delicious Ensure.”
Pearl and Havelock have at the peas.
Rubin shows up for a nosh.
Both condos are back in the studio, yay!
Yeah, I know the walls are awful. I never painted in here, the room is bloody huge and Mister conveniently finds somewhere else to be if there’s any mention of paint.

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