Girls at Play

Amelia checks out the new playbox, which is filled with shredded and crumpled newspaper, bits of cloth and sprinkled throughout with crunchies.
Amelia, still in the new playbox.
Agnes, trying to decide where to go.
Angua in one of the new climbing baskets.
Artemis scheming, hmmm, how can I get up there?
Beatrice, playing in the closet.
Amelia and Beatrice working out the problem of hauling a large piece of paper up a ladder.
Gytha, checking out the new playbox.
Gytha, checking out the other side of the new playbox.
Magrat, who made a move for the lens just as I clicked the shutter…
Mallory and Pearl, “go away, we’re trying to nap!”
Perdita checking out the new climbing baskets.
Zoe, playing in the closet. She’s been very active, playful and all around happy today.

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