Om nom nom

The ratlets have declared their brand loyalties: Fresh Express Spring Mix for salad, Birds Eye steam fresh peas, Steam of the Crop corn and Reggie Rat dry mix.  They are stuffing those little rat faces, too.  Rubin’s ratlets are eating everything in sight now, along with nursing, but they aren’t nursing as much, which is a nice break for Rubin.

I got a little ways in clearing out the hall room yesterday, however, I managed to seriously smash my right ring and little finger (between a heavy rock and a glass edge, so brilliant!) and they are swollen, bruised and sore today.  So…moving the 180 gallon aquarium is going to have to wait until next week.  Even empty, that thing weighs about 400 some pounds and it’s a chore to move.  Rick made a half door to prevent rats from going downstairs for now, so that definitely works and allows us to expand our space more until we can work on re-furbishing down there.  Anyway, hopefully, I’ll have my sewing room next week. ETA: rat stuff, Cole is now Basil, due to Basil now being Beatrice.  Mm hmmm.


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