Sam Daddy

Sam with Vasco in the Team Esme Condo.  Both Havelock and Sam have picked up on parenting duties since Esme died. Sam is an exceptional daddy, he’s very invested in the ratlets.  It’s beyond adorable to see him sitting in the condo while he’s swarmed with ratlets, prying his mouth open and pushing and shoving until he sits up so they can poke around for nipples.


2 thoughts on “Sam Daddy

  1. Thank you, Theophontes. It was such a shock. We found her dead the morning of the 23rd (July). Thankfully, the ratlets were old enough to survive easily, but it’s been very hard on them. There’s a noticeable difference between how they behave compared to Rubin’s crew, who still have their mum.

    Poor Esme, she was only 10 months old. I’m very grateful to have her ratlets, but I miss her something terrible.

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