Day 16: There Be Rats Here!

Oh, they are so cute! Very active now.  Four of them are named, Giles (the very pale fellow), Magrat (black brown hoodie with butt streak), Gytha (black & white) and Vasco (all black with tiny white spats).


2 thoughts on “Day 16: There Be Rats Here!

  1. Today I found your blog and shared it with my six-year-old, who was squeeing over the picture of baby rats with milk-filled tummies. Thank you for documenting their tiny lives, so that I can explain to my daughter why human-raised rats are smart, clean, cute, and not at all like the media makes them out to be. (She does know not to touch any rat to whom she hasn’t been introduced by its human.) We have three cats with high prey drives, so we can’t have ratties of our own, but this helps her be more in touch with more of the world. Keep them coming!

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