Stupidity is its own reward

And boy, have I been rewarded. 15 times.  Yes, Rubin was also pregnant. Yes, Rubin was supposed to be a male. That’s what I get for ignoring the fact that people who work in pet stores can’t ever seem to figure out the difference between male and female. I *knew* this. I was stupid. I have no excuse.  I do however, have a fridge full of beer and it is about to be drunk.  The second Rat Condo was successfully built and Rubin & Ratlets are now ensconced in their own residence, much to Esme’s relief.

The 2nd Rat Condo

4 thoughts on “Stupidity is its own reward

  1. Let’s get this straight: this is the second litter in two weeks? I think you need to have “the talk” xwith your boys and girls…
    Love to Rick and all the ratlets x

  2. Amblebury, no, 15 ratlets de Rubin, 11 ratlets de Esme, the runt didn’t make it. Thanks on the condo, thank goodness they are cheap and easy to put together.

    Gael, yes. It’s my own stupidity at play. I had *no* reason to accept the ‘male’ label on Rubin, I knew better…my brain either went on vacation or rot has set in. The girls are locked up until the ratlets are weaned, then they go into be spayed. Love back to you. xx

    Thanks, Rene. I need moar beer. Much, much more. :D

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