The Ratlets Have Hit The Planet

One dozen of them, a text book litter.

Esme & the ratlets.
Little bellies full of milk.

12 thoughts on “The Ratlets Have Hit The Planet

  1. Esme must be exhausted. I can only imagine you are as well. Good luck to both of you. I think interesting times are definitely ahead. :D

  2. Oh, to say the least. Interesting, trying times. I’m the very definition of “fucking stressed out” at the moment. Here’s to things coasting down a bit now.

  3. xposted form TZT:

    holy crap.

    are they supposed to look so… unfinished? also, 12 rats? your cats are going to have a fit.

  4. Thank you, Hekuni Cat.

    Jadehawk, yes, they’re supposed to look that way. It won’t be long before they look like proper ratties. Cats aren’t allowed in the studio. If I’m feeling mean, I might unleash the rats on them when they are older! :D

  5. Ah, baby rodents. Not exactly the cuddliest critters when they’re born, but it’s impossible not to feel the impending cuteness.

    And I’ve had hamsters doing to me what Esme did to you, but… 12? Holy crap, I’d be fucking stressed out too. Uh, good luck. Or something.

  6. Thanks, Dania! It’s going to be an…interesting 5 weeks, but we’ll get it all settled and together. I don’t know that we’ll be able to part with any of them, the dangers of babies. If Sam is the sire, we’ll probably have to keep them all, because both he and Esme are wild types, looking like wild rats, which most people do not want.

    Theophontes, yes, I hear and will make every attempt to obey! Actually, as Mister has the same gear as I do, I think I’ll make him obey. :D

    Oenotria, thank you!

    Rene, thanks. Holy moly is the least of it! Going by Esme, you’d think birthing was a very minor thing. She stood up, started dropping babes, never made a single sound and was perkily doing a head count and arranging the dirty dozen in well under 40 minutes. I’m very, very impressed.

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