Peas, please

Rubin & Sam, busy eating peas, a favourite food.  Sam, along with Havelock, just discovered peas the other day. They have been declared good.  And then Esme shows up for Peas and Tea.  3 shots of her, she’s my only girl.

8 thoughts on “Peas, please

  1. Peas get a bad rap on Pharyngula, us pea lovers have to stick together. ;p The rats are doing just fine, it took little time for Havelock & Sam to adapt to a cage free life.

  2. I remember being stunned into silence (and believe me, that takes a lot) when I discovered that I shared a planet with pea-haters. What a bizarre concept: Peas are one of my favourite vegemables.

    And the rats are adorable. I’ve started to realise that they’re not the horrid micro-monstrosities of the popular consciousness.

  3. I was taken by surprise myself. I had no idea that peas could cause such deep hatred. However, I do think canned peas have much to answer for – I blame them. :D

    Aaw, thanks on the ratties. They aren’t terrible at all and they are considerably brighter than a whole lot of peoples.

  4. I love peas, esp. with mint sauce.

    And rats too; wish our guys hadn’t died so young. Someday we may be able to get more.

    Your rats look very cute :-)

  5. Aaw, I’m so sorry about your rats, elronxenu. It’s the one downside to having rats, they live such a short time. We’ve had several that only made it to a bit over a year, which is serious grief, however, they were a complete joy while we had them.

    Thank you. Havelock & Sam are new to the house, we got them because our Chas recently died at 2.5 years old.

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