The New Kidz

A tangent…a Ratgent?  Two new rats have joined Esme & Rubin since Chas died, Havelock & Sam (named for Havelock Vetinari and Sam Vimes.)  I have a couple new pics of them.  They are doing really well, adjusting nicely to being free range studio rats and Esme and Rubin have been absolutely wonderful and accepting of them both.  Sam is still on the spooky side, but he has stopped distress crying when being petted and he’s quite the foodie. Havelock has a calm and inquisitive nature. He and Esme are remaining a bit of an item, they still sleep together every day, however, Havelock and Sam are early risers, generally being ready to raise hell around 5-6 pm every day, while Esme and Rubin are loathe to wake before 10 pm.  Tsk and all that. :D  All and all, very happy additions to The Chemical Crew.  Edited to add: NO SQUEAKING! is the new battle cry in the studio.  Sometimes, boys are a right pain in the arse.


4 thoughts on “The New Kidz

  1. Sam and Havelock are just beautiful. I’m glad they’re adjusting to life with you (and, of course, Esme and Rubin). *heart*

  2. :D Thanks. Rubin is having a bit of nervous breakdown after I’m in bed, I think it’s a bit of a reaction to Chas being gone. Other than that, they are all driving me crazy right on schedule. Heh.

  3. Thank you! Esme is named after Esme Weatherwax, of course. :D Rubin is the only non-Disc name, because he’s odd-eyed and has one ruby eye. As for Havelock & Sam, they’re being rather true to the characters they are named after.

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